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A Fallohide effort.

Craft Reality is a Social Enterprise aimed at bringing artists and creators into Extended Reality (XR).

We are passionate about African artists and their various art forms and we long to see more African art in XR, an urge to see more African artists in the metaverse. So we launched an effort to train, guide and distribute African XR art. 

We are using Extended Reality tools to guide through creative sustainable business practices and educate artists how to use Extended Reality art forms and to empower and prepare them for local and international opportunities in the creative economy and beyond.

These artists will have access to XR equipment, free creative reign and a growing network of partners that will help distribute, train and even monetize their work. We also plan to work with various spaces and organisations to have greater reach, not just in Kenya but in East Africa and beyond.

Our Partners

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We're constantly looking for partners, collaborators and institutions to partner with to democratise

Extended Reality (XR). 


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