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Creative Services

We provide consultation services to interpret an idea or media into a Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality production or brief.


360 Cinematic Production

We develop high-quality completely immersive experiences. We have been active in 360 filming from its beginnings, and we are constantly looking for chances to push the limits of what is possible in 360 storytelling.



To enhance our 360 productions we also specialise in immerse sound where we capture sound in 360 degrees, to further the immersion.



We have VR headsets that you can rent from us to showcase your 360 content and we can also purchase the VR headsets on your behalf if you'd like to have a few permanently.

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Virtual Tours

We can create a Virtual Tour of hotels, apartments, showrooms, stores or any premises. Using either a tailor-made software for proper branding or and thorough Google Maps Streetview.

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Augmented Reality

We develop high-quality completely augmented experiences for Social Media like Instagram filters to Augmented Reality applications to showcase your products, and customer experiences or educate.

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Traning and Masterclasses

Being one of the pioneering Extended Reality (XR) Studios in Africa, we have great knowledge of everything XR. We work passionately with institutions to create the next generation of XR creators, how to create a sustainable XR business ecosystem or models and share anything  XR related.


Virtual Reality Simulations

We a capable of making Virtual Reality training simulations for high-risk training scenarios, immersive safety training to cut on costs of your training budget and create customer immersive experiences.

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Mixed Reality Capture

Mixed Reality Capture lets you record and shares VR content. Step directly into a virtual scene, take the place of an avatar and interact seamlessly with the world surrounding you.

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