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ALP West Logistics Park Virtual Tour

Using Virtual Tours to showcase property.

Africa Logistics Properties (ALP)  acquires, develops and manages modern grade-A warehousing across East Africa

ALP West Logistics Park Virtual Tour is an immersive way to showcase ALP's logistics and distribution park located on the A104 Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

By being able to show rather than tell with an interactive tour of their park, ALP hoped to quickly surpass their competitors and attract a wider market through the Virtual Tour.

This personalized property viewing experience is great for targeting too. ALP wants to reach a very specific audience. We easily customized each of their properties' virtual tours to reflect different clients as well. The embedded one below reflects one for the general public.

Virtual tours are an excellent marketing tool for real estate agents and businesses to employ since they offer advantages including better buyer experiences and higher search engine results, all of which boost the likelihood of selling and renting the property. This will result in a higher return on investment when combined with fewer marketing costs.

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