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McMillan Memorial Library Virtual Tour with Google Arts and Culture

Virtual Reality for Heritage

A Night At The Library by Book Bunk is their inaugural fundraising gala that brings together 150 guests for a night of magic at the McMillan Memorial Library, in support of their restoration work.

This event gives audiences and givers an opportunity to play a part in creating truly inclusive public spaces and re-introduced the largest and oldest of the public libraries they are restoring. Showing also to showcase the past, present and potential futures of this iconic space.

Google Arts and Culture engaged us to assist Book Bunk in showcasing the library's development. The Google Street View Virtual Tour improves architectural assessments, non-destructive testing, quantity surveys, commissioning measure drawings, sustainability studies, and other technical components of restoration preparation. The tour also allows people who cannot travel to Kenya to digitally follow the progress of this important project.

Virtual Tours are a great way for the Heritage industry to share,plan and preserve their work for prosperity. 

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