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We at Fallohide Studios seek to shake the nest in content creation and change the marketing landscape in line with technology and the ever-changing customer and consumer needs, both for governments and enterprises. We tailor-make creative solutions and services that immerse your audience into Extended Reality experiences.

We believe in using Extended Reality as a tool for development, telling stories, growing industries and supporting affordable business practices.


We believe in sharing narratives and supporting enterprises in the new digital frontier. We, therefore, believe in original Extended Reality experiences that move and immerse audiences. That is our speciality.

Fallohide is an Extended Reality Creative Studio that creates corporate Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality solutions and immersive narratives. We create original African realities that are true to the African people and their labours.


 To African share narratives and support Africa's enterprises in the new digital frontier. Also working with global creators to promote Afrocentric storytelling, provide African producers with a worldwide audience, and develop culturally diverse, multinational immersive media that extends beyond the continent.

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